AutoCorrect, er, corrected

After a bit of cursing at our thick, lumpy thumbs, we here at Digitaledge have now got used to typing on the virtual keyboard on our iPhone. But there's one thing we'll never get used to - Apple's bleedin' autocorrect system. Having the phone suggest corrections for mis-typings is fine, but having it automatically make the corrections is annoying - especially when you typed what you did deliberately anyway. As the blog Damn You Auto Correct neatly demonstrates, we're not the only ones it messes about.

So this new app, AutoCorrector, looks like a godsend. Quite simply, it lets you correct the auto-correct - it lets you add custom words to the iPhone's dictionary so your most common unwanted auto-corrects can be avoided. It also lets you program in short-codes you can use to produce frequently typed long phrases, like your name.

Given its powers, we're amazed this isn't a jailbreak app, but no - AutoCorrector is sitting pretty in the proper, legit App Store priced at just 59p. We'd say it's pretty much essential.

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