If you've got a Mac, you're probably one of the millions of Mac users who've already downloaded Mac OS X Lion, the latest 'n' greatest version of Apple's Mac OS X operating system. You'll have had a play with the obvious new features, like built-in version recording for documents, full-screen apps, and the new 'Mission Control' feature. And you'll have got to grips with the reversed two-finger scrolling, which means you move your fingers up to move down a page. (It sounds crazy, but it's not.)

But did you know that Lion also brings the iPhone's auto-correct to the Mac? This is, let's face it, a mixed blessing. The iPhone's auto-correct has so many weird habits there's a blog devoted to recording the more amusing misfires.

So you'll be pleased to hear Mac autocorrect is strictly optional. As TechCrunch explains, 'Unless you’re constantly swapping “teh” for “the”, you can turn off autocorrect under System Preferences > Language & Text > Text > Correct spelling automatically.'

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