Auntie misplaces gadgets & loses thousands

We thought that the BBC was in constant turmoil over which highly-paid (versus highly-prized?) presenters and news-readers to fire, in order to get value for money and keep licence costs low. It seems, however, that because BBC staff like walking away from their job armed to the teeth with their company's IT equipment, 'Auntie' may have other reasons for tightening the purse-strings, T3 reveals.

Due to that handy piece of Government legislation, the Freedom of Information Act, security software company 'Absolute Software' was able to demand that the BBC reveal the cost of lost/stolen equipment between the period of April 2008 and March 2010. The amount was £241, 019, which amounted to 146 laptops, 17 BlackBerrys and 65 mobile phones.

Absolute Software reprimanded the BBC, stating that it 'needs to be extra careful as the licence fee pays for the tech in question.' Alongside this revelation, several Government Departments, also subject to the Freedom of Information Act, were found to be losing several thousands every year in the same way - the Ministry of Defence being the worst offender.

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