Coolest audio gadgets

Everyone seems to want music on demand these days, and it's no longer good enough to plug into a crackly old walkman. The emphasis now is all about audio quality - we want high quality audio performance and we want it when we're on the go. These top audio gadgets won't disappoint...

Best audio gadgets

Hidden Speaker

The Hidden Speaker is a genius idea, integrating two basic but essential functions in one - a speaker and a volume knob. It is powered by rechargeable batteries for music on the go, and offers a very respectable 30 minutes of play time per charge. The speakers come with a built-in AM and FM radio plus Bluetooth connectivity.

Audio-Technica EarSuit Headphones

These top range headphones offer great sound quality while looking stylish. You'll have to import them from Japan, but it'll be worth it for the many great features - including a unique swing mechanism to make them sit just perfectly.

Tascam IM2 Stereo Microphone

Beef up the recording potential of your iOS device with this nippy microphone. It's made specifically for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and features two high-quality, adjustable condenser microphones, an internal microphone pre-amp and an analog-to-digital converter for pristine sound.

V-Moda M-80 Headphones

Whether you're a professional DJ or just fussy about the quality you get from your MP3 player, these headphones will have you covered. Among their many great features are two Kevlar-reinforced cables — one with a three button remote and a mic, and a "V-Port V3 system" to provide plenty of passive noise isolation.

Bose CineMate Soundbar System

This is one of the best audio gadgets on the market at the moment. This sleek bar is easily mounted on a wall or cabinet, looking great will offering an audio powerhouse with a wireless subwoofer to give your music and movies the audio punch that they need.

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