Audeo - voiceless speech(?)

We really spend too much time talking about fun, desirable and ultimately unnecessary gadgets. So here’s a reminder of technology with a serious purpose.

Say hello to the Audeo, the newest piece of mind-reading technology. Actually, just think “hello” thoughts, and the Audeo will say it for you.

The Audeo neckband detects signals sent from the brain to the voice box, and is hooked up to a computer that speaks the words aloud. There’s a video demonstration of a voiceless phone call on YouTube. The device doesn’t have much of a vocabulary right now, but they’re working on a new version that can say any word you can think of. Arse!

Of course, there are loads of fun uses for the technology – chatting silently on the phone while sitting in your office cubicle would definitely be a bonus – but the Audeo is a whole lot more than just a shiny toy. For people who actually can’t talk (think Stephen Hawking, for example) this could be the end of a lifetime of awkward silences.

This is what technology is supposed to be for. So, to all you people out there working to make the latest, most amazing mobile phones, to be sold at a stupid price and made obsolete within six months – well, we just hope you’re reading this and squirming with guilt…

(Image: from Photocapy’s Flickr stream)

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