Au revoir, Jeeves?

Google has seen off another search rival. Back in the 1990s Ask Jeeves was one of the internet's favourite sites. You typed in a question and bam - the nice animated butler spat out an answer.

Then, in the early noughties, the site saw Google getting rich of search and decided it wanted a piece. So it fired Jeeves and rebranded as Ask.com, a bog-standard search engine.

It didn't work, of course, and now, Ask have thrown in the towel. They're closing down the search part of the site(they already brought Jeeves back), and refocusing on Q&A.

To blame? Google. Boss Barry Diller calls the search giant 'this huge juggernaut of a company that we really thought we could compete against'. But, yeah, they couldn't.

Still, if you've got a question, Jeeves is still the man to try and answer it. Until they fire him again...

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