Attention Flip owners!

A few weeks ago the internet was saddened, if not surprised, to hear of the death of Flip, the popular brand of cheap mini video cameras. Owners Cisco opted not to sell the brand but just to pull the plug, leaving owners of Flip cams with unsupported devices.

And that, it turns out, is bad news for users who've used FlipShare, Flip's own video-sharing site. On June 11th, Cisco say, they'll delete all the videos that have been uploaded to FlipShare over the years. FlipShare will still work as a service, but it'll only store videos for 30 days. As Engadget says, 'clearly Cisco wants users to move on with their video-sharing lives.'

The good news is that Cisco is, at least, making it easy for users to download their videos to store for eternity. Still, coupled with the Google videos deletion fiasco of last month, it's becoming clearer and clearer that videos stored on the web aren't guaranteed to be around forever.

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