At last! Spotify heading to the US

If you wait around long enough, everything that's been rumoured to be on the verge of happening will, eventually, happen. Earlier this week it was Facebook's video-calling deal with Skype, and now it's Spotify's long-rumoured launch in the US.

The music-streaming service has been only available in Europe until now, with the biggest music market in the world making do with rivals like Rdio. The problem, it was generally felt, was the record companies, who weren't sure they could make enough money from Spotify's 'freemium' model to justify licensing their artists to the service. Well, they must have had a change of heart, perhaps realising in the wake of Apple's launch of iTunes' cloud services that streaming music is the future.

Now, there's no actual launch date yet, and no confirmation all the major record labels are on board. But Spotify have sent out word that it's definitely happening. Will the Americans take to the service like we have, or have the likes of Rdio got the market sewed up? We'll see...

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