At last, a real use for 3D printing

3D printing is, without question, very impressive. Being able to create a model aeroplane, or an action figure, or even the body of a car just by 'printing' layers of material and sticking them together is, potentially, revolutionary. But despite lots of press coverage, we're not sure we've yet seen the product to bring 3D printing to the mindshare of the general public.

But maybe now we have. And the key? Chocolate. The University of Exeter, earning those government subsidies, have introduced the first 3D printer for chocolate. This could enable chocolatiers to offer super-quick custom chocolate designs. Want to say to your girlfriend, 'yeah, on balance, I probably shouldn't have kissed your sister, really sorry, luv ya x' in actual chocolate pieces, and have them made quite quickly, you can! Or at least, you soon will be able to.

Chocolate art could also be a thing. Observe the miracle in action:

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