At last a decent DAB radio

For the last five years, the advantages of digital (DAB ) radio have been rammed down our neck. Initially it was all about their repetitive campaign based on its CD quality sounds but since then, Ofcom have stepped in and asked them to withdraw this claim due to lack of credibility. Yes, when you can get a reception, the sound is crisp and clear, but too often if you can’t it simply cuts, not ideal when listening to anything of importance - such as a football match.

But the FM switch off is coming, and DAB radios will be in every home in the UK before the end of the decade (?) and until now, they have mostly been a lovely peace of kit to own, thanks to their abundance of free radio stations (think Freeview for the TV but for radio) - but they have been outrageously over-priced. Enter The Pure One Mini.

Not only is the Pure One’s new baby only £34.99 (may sounds steep but that’s a one-off payment – no subs) it’s also been billed as the first palm-sized proper DAB radio. As well as the usual features with DABS, there's an LCD screen to tell you what station you're listening to, and (if the station has set it up) which track they’re playing. But if you get the DAB+ model you’ll also get an FM radio tagged on free, so you’ll never need to miss that World Cup winning goal ever again. Hang on! Tell us again why DAB is any good?

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