At Last!

There are some things in tech that just seem so obvious that you can't believe they're not available. Voice-calling of your Facebook friends is one; a simple way to back up and search your text messages, another, though the iPhone and Android are making some progress there. Then there's the ability to make Skype video calls from your mobile.

Well, if you've been wanting this as much as we have, here's some good news. As of now, Skype for iPhone 3.0 is available in the app store - and video calling is onboard.

What's more, it doesn't piggy-back on Apple's FaceTime service, as we speculated it might a couple of days ago. No, the service runs over Skype's usual system. That means it can't quite match the spiffing video quality of Apple's FaceTime. But it means it can be used over 3G, unlike FaceTime, and on an iPhone 3GS (though not, sadly, a 3G). And it means you can call anyone with a Skype account, be they on a PC, Mac, or another mobile. (Or even a Skype-enabled TV!)

Will this be the breakthrough video calling needs? Or have iPhone users already got locked into the FaceTime habit? And when will Android users get some video love? We'll keep you posted.

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