At last!

Recent industry figures show that 80% of the UK population now use TV catch-up services such as the iPlayer and Sky+. People are simply too busy to watch shows go out live, and want to watch the latest episode of Coronation Street are their leisure.

If you don’t have Sky+ or you’re not on Virgin Media, unless you laboriously hook up your laptop to your telly it’s not been easy to watch your fave shows on the biggest screen in the house. Sony have had the foresight that there’s a gap in the market here to fill, and have been pushing their PS3 as the device to use to stream catch-up service on your TV. Until now though it’s been limited with only the iPlayer and Five On Demand available, but that is going to change.

Sony has announced Channel 4’s catch-up service 4oD and ITV’s ITV Player will both be hitting their products THIS WEEK. With Sony’s already rated as the best manufacturer for Blu-Ray players, their players are also internet-streaming enabled, so for as little as £100 you’ll be able to not only watch the films in HD you’ll be able catch-up on all your best terrestrial telly shows for FREE. Merry Christmas.

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