At last

One of the major problems that we found with the Spotify App for the iPhone is that you couldn’t keep the bloody thing running while using other applications or surfing the web, making it a really one-dimensional service, and more or less ruining it as a mobile option. However, the update is now in the App Store, and that problem has gone away forever – hooray!

Apple have finally dragged themselves out of the restriction hole of nonsense that they were in before by adding app switching to their latest Operating System, and in honour of that Spotify have added it in their latest update, making it much more useful for people who like to multitask and that.

There are also a few other additions as well: you can now control the app through the headset remote buttons and lock screen controls. A ‘What’s New’ tab has been added as has the ability to share tracks and albums, and rumour is suggesting that it shuts down after ten minutes if no music is being played to save on battery. Very nifty. Be warned: if you are not a Premium subscriber forget about using it, or sign up.

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