A look at the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 is the newest of the series from Asus released in August 2012. For many, it is worth the wait as the Infinity is one of the best performing Android tablets in the market today. Let us take a look why and decide if it merits owning one or not.

The TF700 at a glance

  • Screen

The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 packs a punch with its 1920x1200 pixels resolution for that amazing full HD experience. Even when you’re on a beach flipping through your favourite reads, its “Super IPS+” provides enough backlight for a clear screen.

  • Performance

It is fitted with NVIDIA Tegra 3 (4-Plus-1) chip making it the “world’s 1st quad-core mobile”. With this blazing fast processor, the Infinity is perfect for browsing the web and HD video-watching. It is fast and responsive ideal for multitasking and entertainment. It is equipped with an 8MP auto focus rear camera and a 2MP front camera that’s useful for taking pictures and making video conferences. Maximum video capture resolution is at 1080.

  • Storage

The Infinity has 1GB RAM and 32GB built-in storage. There is also a micro SD slot for memory expansion.

  • Design

Clad in an aluminium frame, the Infinity is designed elegantly. It is the first tablet to install the 'Corning Gorilla Glass 2' on the screen for improved impact resistance. The power and control buttons are located on the sides. It is thinner and lighter than the new iPad measuring at 246x180x8mm and weighing 594g.

  • OS and pre-installed apps

The Infinity uses Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich which is the most recent version on the platform ideal for multitasking and complete interactivity. It also supports Adobe Flash and Google Play. Polaris Office Edition is pre-installed providing a mobile solution for all your documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files. There’s even a free for lifetime 8GB of Asus Cloud WebStorage.


The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 is a beautiful and powerful tablet that gives a great user experience. It is thinner and lighter than most devices and it is blazing fast. There is even a docking station and a full keyboard for those who want to work on documents while on the go. Major concerns raised when it comes to the Infinity include power issues and limited OS support. Battery life is officially at 9.5 hours and with the docking station, up to 14 hours. But, with intensive multimedia use and multitasking, battery life is drained easily. In addition, limited OS support from Android is a set-back. To sum it up, the TF700 has everything going for it except for these minor issues. At its price point, it is one of the fastest, high performance tablets in the market today.

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