ASUS: 'Everything's fine. Nothing to see here. Move along.'

Could the Android tablet revolution have started in earnest after all? Last week, we reported that things weren't looking too good for the latest Google-powered challenger to the iPad, ASUS' Eee Pad Transformer. Yes, the tablet with optional keyboard add-on had sold out in many locations. But it was reported that they'd only actually been able to churn out 10,000 of the things a month because of component shortages.

Well, it took them a few days, but ASUS have responded by, how shall we put this, calling 'BS' on that. An ASUS spokesman told the august publication Netbook News that in fact the company has been struggling to make enough Transformers, but only because of unprecedented demand. They say they're expecting to make 100,000 of the things in May, and 300,000 in June. If that's true, and the Transformer continues to sell out, it looks like the most successful non-iPad tablet yet, probably because of its competitive sub-£500 price.

Of course, last week's report could still be true - ASUS may have only been able to churn out 10,000 in April. So it'll be interesting to see if that 'sold out' status carries on into this month.

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