Assassin's Creed: Revelations - first gameplay footage!

Yet more Assasin's Creed amazingness for you lucky, lucky people: last night Ubisoft showed off some gameplay footage of the third and final instalment in the Ezio Auditore story – Revelations – at E3 and it made us go a little bit weak at the knees.

Following Ezio as he tries to destroy a set of boats, we see him use new weapons and implements, including the new grappling hook and a little grenade. What impressed us most about the demonstration was the smoother integration between cut scene and gameplay, as well as the sheer pace of the platforming sections. There's a genuine sense of danger about the burning boats, although it remains to be seen if they actually kill you if you hang around, rather than waiting for cues from your movements.

Anyway, it's over six minutes of full gameplay, and that is more than enough for us, especially given that it looks like Ubisoft have dealt with some of the flaws of the previous two games. Take a look.

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