Assassins Creed Revelations announced

So our fears about Assassin’s Creed moving away from Ezio were unfounded: Ubisoft have officially announced Assassin’s Creed Revelations, the ‘final chapter in the Ezio trilogy’, which will be released in November.

As well as bringing the curtain down on one of the best video game characters of all time, the game will also bring an updated and refined version of the multiplayer mode, which drew massive plaudits in the Brotherhood game. Fingers crossed this is a fitting end to a magnificent story.

‘In Assassin's Creed Revelations, master assassin Ezio Auditore walks in the footsteps of his legendary mentor, Altaïr, on a journey of discovery and revelation,’ said Ubisoft. ‘It is a perilous path - one that will take Ezio to Constantinople, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where a growing army of Templars threatens to destabilize the region.

‘In addition to Ezio's award-winning story, the acclaimed online multiplayer experience returns, refined and expanded, with more modes, more maps and more characters that allow players to test their assassin skills against others from around the world. The latest chapter in the Assassin's Creed saga also includes revolutionary gameplay, allowing players to manipulate the construct of Desmond's memories and the Animus to decipher the mysteries of his past and gain insight into the future.’

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