Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood gameplay report

It may be a few months away, and the weather might be good enough that we shouldn’t really be thinking about video games, but it’s really very hard to not be all anticipating Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and that. If you’ve looked at the trailers we’ve published in the last couple of months you’ll know what we mean.

So imagine our excitement when Electric Pig writes about having been able to play the thing, and coming back with a glowing report; we were very happy indeed. Best of all, the multiplayer seems to be a genuine hit, with lots of stealth needed for you to succeed. ‘When everyone is walking around in crowds on the street, it’s genuinely tense and almost frightening’, says their report on the Wanted mode, where you have to sneak around a section of the city looking for your target while you’re being hunted down.

It all sounds very fun indeed, and although they didn’t get to play any of the single player mode, they were shown a couple of missions, which sound like the gameplay has been updated sufficiently to make it worth the money. Where’s our invite to play, Ubisoft?

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