Assassin's Creed 2 - yet another trailer

Alongside the obvious avalanche of Modern Warfare 2 stuff we’ve been piling your way over the last few months, we’ve also been keeping our beady little eyes on sneaky kill-em-up Assassin’s Creed 2, which looks to be all kinds of gory fun. Luckily for us developer Ubisoft has been pumping out video content for us to nick for ages now, and one again they’ve dropped one right into our laps.

This time the vid is a look into the various factions that you’ll be dealing with through the course of the game, and what it is they do to help you. Now the vid itself doesn’t give any huge hints as to how exactly these factions (which seem to consist of various groups of lowlifes, hookers, thieves and mercenaries) work for you once you’ve learned how to fight and steal properly, but there you go. It’s still a tease into the world of Venice circa whenever Leonardo Da Vinci was alive.

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