Ask not what Twitter can do for you

There's no shortage of dead celebrities on Twitter. There's @dianainheaven, @mrsammydavisjr, @w_burroughs and@jimi_hendrix amongst others. But these are all unofficial, spoofy accounts. Now, for the first time, a dead celeb is tweeting from beyond the grave for real.

Well, sort of. The celeb in question - if that's what you call one of the most celebrated world leaders of all time - is President John F. Kennedy. The actual tweets come from the John F Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston, USA.

The account - @kennedy1961 - began tweeting a couple of weeks ago, on the fiftieth anniversary of Kennedy's inauguration. It tracks the Prez' activity day-to-day. Yesterday, for example, it told us of Kennedy and his daughter Caroline admiring a snowman on the White House driveway.

It may not be as funny as some of the spoof accounts, but it's weirdly fascinating having a daily record of what the world's most famous man was doing exactly 50 years ago each day. Of course, it'll be interesting to see what they do with the account on November 22, 2013 - the fiftieth anniversary of Kennedy's assassination.

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