Ashton Kutcher threatens to quit Twitter

Ashton Kutcher has threatened to quit the popular micro-blogging service Twitter in protest at the site's plans to launch a reality TV show.

The Hollywood actor and his wife, Demi Moore, are two of the biggest stars to have embraced the Twitter revolution with Kutcher boasting a world record 2m followers, but that could all be set to change due to fears of stalking related to the site's TV plans.

Twitter is closely guarding the details of the proposed show but a brief statement from the site's partners, Reveille and Brillstein Entertainment, talks about "putting ordinary people on the trail of celebrities".

The idea has gone down like a cup of cold sick with a number of high profile Twitterers, including Kutcher, who responded online: "Wow I hope this isn't true. I really don't like being sold out. May have to take a Twitter hiatus."

The 31-year-old later Tweeted: "I don't want to be stalked!!!" The news could also spell the end of Demi Moore's flirtation with the site. The star of GI Jane wrote: "Our Twitter time may come to a quick and sad end". Could it spark the beginning of the end for Twitter?

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