Asda mobile SIM free phones

All of the major supermarket chains are now graduating from supplying phones and mobile phone contracts for providers, to becoming providers themselves. Like Tesco, Asda offer a range of cheap mobile phones and contract that feed the bottom end of the market. You might not find the latest smartphones from Samsung and Apple within their range, but you’ll get a decent device that comes with a very manageable price plan. We’ve taken a look at some of the Asda mobile SIM free phones on offer and picked out the best deals.
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Asda mobile

Asda mobile is a virtual network that runs through EE so if reception for EE isn’t up to much in your area, you might want to look elsewhere. The network offers either a SIM Card (Standard, Micro or Nano SIM) or an Asda Mobile handset, and of course your best place to buy them in at your local Asda store or online through direct.asda.com.

Pick of the bunch

The pick of the current bunch of phones on offer is the Kazam Life B4. It’s no wonder phone that comes with apps galore but it’s thin, light and very user friendly. If you’re after a phone through Asda, you’re probably more interested in reliability than gadgets but this one comes with a camera for video and still image photography, you can boost its memory with the addition of a 16 GB Micro SD card if the internal memory’s not enough and you’ll find Bluetooth capability if you’d like to link the phone to your car’s infotainment system.

Standard tariffs

Let’s face it. Cost is the main reason for choosing Asda mobile. You’ll be getting a flat 8p per minute rate for calls and 4p per text. Picture messages cost 25p each and internet use is 5p per MB.

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