Find the best ASDA mobile broadband deals

In recent years the internet has moved from a home based experience to a completely mobile one thanks to improved wireless network infrastructures throughout the United Kingdom. With both mobile network and traditional operators getting in on the act, there has never been a better time to get yourself connected on the go.

ASDA offer many mobile broadband solutions for those of us who need to be connected at all times. A quick look at direct.asda.com will show you the wealth of top quality offers available to consumers.

When it comes to connecting on your netbook or laptop, the best solution is to pick up a wireless internet dongle. These can be bought at very little expense, and come with monthly charges for network use. ASDA currently sell wireless internet dongles for three of the UK's major mobile broadband suppliers.

The first we're going to take a look at today is the Vodafone Mobile Broadband dongle, which is available from ASDA Direct for just £21, and with a delivery fee of £5.95 to mainland UK or £9.90 to Northern Ireland or the various British Islands.

This is the winner of the ISPA Best Consumer Mobile Broadband Award in 2009, and offers user 2GB of data right out of the box, with additional 2GB data packages available for just £15. There is no commitment or lengthy credit checks needed in order to get yourself connected, just buy the dongle and away you go! The Vodafone Mobile Broadband network offers users speeds of up to 3.6mbps on the move.

Next we'll take a look at the T-Mobile Mobile Broadband dongle. This retails for slightly less than the Vodafone Mobile one, at just £19.95 with the same delivery prices. It offers unlimited internet at a cost of £2 per day, £7 per week or £15 per month with speeds of up to 3.6mbps. The hassle free system simply involves topping up and plugging in!

The final dongle we're going to look at today is the O2 Mobile Broadband dongle, available for £19.95 and offering users unlimited access to WiFi hotspots like BT Openzone and The Cloud for as little as £2 per day. As a bonus, you'll qualify for advance tickets to events at the O2 and O2 Academy venues, so you'll never miss out on your favourite band again!

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