Check out Asda for a bargain laptop

Asda have always had a decent selection of laptops at a good price but, who could complain about a sale? If you have been waiting for the perfect moment to snatch up a decent laptop for low cost, now is really the best time to make that move!

Asda's laptops have always been well priced but now they have knocked off up to £100 of their selection. This means a lot of laptops will be sold so you had better pick up yours while they are available.

The HP Compaq CQ56-102SA is the perfect laptop for just about any casual user. When we say casual we mean it is not a specialist machine. You won't be running high-end games or recording professionally, but, if you use your computer for standard windows applications and internet usage this is the perfect machine for you.

With a 250GB SATA Hard Disk Drive, an AMD V-Series Processor V140 and 2gb of DDR3 RAM you are set to take on pretty much anything windows has to offer with ease. The laptop runs super smooth and has no problems with multi-tasking.

While there isn't a big graphics card you can still get great high quality video playback. The display is just over 15-inches and the screen enjoys a high resolution, so you can expect some great quality.

This is the prime example of why an Asda laptop sale is amazing. All of this can be picked up for only £277! Now that's a great deal well worth your consideration, so be sure to check out Asda's website for all the details.


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