The best value asda mobile broadband packages available


If you are currently looking for a new internet service provider you should strongly consider getting Asda broadband. Asda have a range of different networks and packages to suit all budgets. Asda is one of the UK's leading supermarket retailers so you can be assured that they only sell high quality products. They currently have 3 products for you to choose from:

  1. Vodafone - This mobile broadband dongle will initially cost you £21 which includes 2GB of pre-loaded data. There is no commitment, no direct debit or no credit check with this package. You simply top up with a Vodafone voucher where you receive 2GB of data for a £15 top up code.
  2. T Mobile - This is unlimited internet with no ties or hassle. You can choose to pay from £2 per day, £7 per week or £15 per month for your internet. You will get fast speeds of up to 3.6MBps. £20 to purchase
  3. o2 - With o2 mobile broadband you can get online for as little as £2 per day with unlimited access to Wi-Fi hotspots via BT openzone. With o2 you also get priority tickets up to 48 hours early for gigs coming up in any of the o2 venues nationwide. £20 to purchase

All of these mobile broadband packages can be bought directly from any of the hundreds of Asda stores nationwide. They can also be bought online at Asda.com where they can be delivered to your house within a couple of hours for just £4.95. Check out their website for more details.


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