What's the best ASDA blu ray player?

Officially released in 2006, more than 6 years after its original unveiling, Blu Ray is now recognised as the industry standard format for high definition movies. Before it was released, the hype around the product focussed mainly on whether or not it could survive in the face of competition from the HD-DVD standard which many anticipated would continue from where regular DVD left off.

As history shows however, Blu Ray won out and now boasts a catalogue of more than 1,500 titles available within the UK market. Originally a far pricier medium than DVD, the prices have gradually come down to a more accessible level, leading to an ever growing market share in movie and hardware sales.

The popularity of the format was no doubt aided by the fact that Sony utilised it within its hugely successful PlayStation 3 video game console which has now sold more than 50 million units worldwide.

ASDA currently offers three Blu Ray players available for purchase from their direct.asda.com website. These are the PlayStation 3 we mentioned above, which retails for £249.99. Although this is more than twice the price of the other Blu Ray players available through ASDA, it is worth noting that with the PlayStation 3 you get not only a top quality Blu Ray player, but also one of the best video game consoles ever created. However if you're only interested in movies, the other two players may be more appealing.

The Toshiba BDX1100 Blu Ray Player is available for £100 and offers 1080p playback as well as top quality DVD upscaling, while £90 gets you the excellent LG BD550 Blu Ray player.

Depending on what exactly you're looking for, we would be inclined to point you in the direction of the PlayStation 3 as the best ASDA Blu Ray player, but both the LG and Toshiba units are well worth a look.

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