Art world goes online with spectacular success

How many times have you visited a gallery, or indeed someone's house and thought "hmmm, I'd really like to have some original art". With the world-famous Frieze Art Fair in London around the corner, and Tracey Emin's recent news that she will be representing Britain at the Venice Biennale you may have a sudden interest in buying contemporary art. Did you know that the Arts Council England actually provides interest free loans to anyone who wants to buy a contemporary work of art, through their fantastic Own Art initiative?

With the promise of free money, why not browse around some of the excellent online galleries that have emerged over the last couple of years and pit your wits against Charles Saatchi to try and bag a bargain before the artist gets famous. If you want to take your tips from the contemporary art grand master himself, why not have a look at the gallery's selection of budding (but already spotted) young artists?

For affordable art, try ZeroOneArt and Not Quite Dry. A great collection of contemporary art can also be found at Art London and Art Bank.

If you have trouble telling a Pollock from a Picasso, it may be worthwhile consulting a friend who's a bit more clued up before you make your final purchase. Or consult Art Digest Daily - a great online resource with an RSS feed you can add to your MIX. Otherwise you may just end up with an over priced canvas you wouldn't want to give to a blind, three-legged dog for Christmas.


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