Arrival trailer lands

Mass Effect 2 fans should be aware that the new Arrival downloadable content will be available for download when you get home from work today; well we’re going to whet your appetite with the first (and presumably) last trailer, released by EA late last night.

The DLC, which has been dubbed ‘the thrilling final mission by the publisher, sees our hero Shepherd travel to the edge of the galaxy to rescue an undercover operative who may (does, obviously) have evidence of a Reaper invasion, which would be the fulfilment of a threat that hanging over the series since the very beginning of the series. The DLC is set clear the way for Mass Effect 3, which is currently in development for release around Christmas.

It all looks very tidy, so have a look and get downloading when you get back; it costs a paltry 560 MS/Bioware points, or £5.49 if you’re a PS3 or PC gamer.

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