Around the world in 8 laptops

There are many different world laptops. Here we take a look at global manufacturers and brands. Are you looking for information on branded laptops from around the world? Is there a company near you where you live?

HP are located in the USA and have factories all over the world including Bangalore in India.

Packard Bell have companies in the United States and Canada and ship to all countries in the world.

Sony have their headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. They make laptops like the Sony Vaoi, one of our personal favourites.

Mac are based in America. Their operating system can be alien to a lot of people who aren't familiar with it. They produce excellent laptops for designers and movie makers, and they very rarely crash.

Fujitsu, is a Japanese company that make high quality laptops at low prices.

Acer is head quartered Taiwan and have a reputation for being a cheaper and affordable alternative to other mainstream brands.

Panasonic, a Japanese company, were originally known as an audio/stereo company but lately they've branched out quite successfully into mobile phones and laptops. We have to say that we're loving their style.

Samsung a Korean based company that have made great strides into the field of laptop technology. Their Presario tablet PC is currently outselling the iPad.

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