Find the best Argos TV deals

Argos offer a wide range of TV sets, from 3D TVs to LCDs and Plasmas, and many different makes from Alba to Toshiba and everything in between. There are many Argos TV deals and great value packages available. Here are a few of our favourite deals that they offer...

If you are looking a small TV for the kitchen or for a small bedroom, check out the 16 inch Alba, HD ready, LCD TV and DVD combi. They offer it for £94.99. It has a great picture. The sound quality could be better but it's a great TV for the price.

Next is the Hitachi 32 inch HD ready widescreen LCD TV. This TV has a digital tuner built in. It has good connectivity, including 2 HDMI sockets, scart socket, PC input socket and others. It has received good reviews and Argos are offing £100 and selling it at £229.99 - a great TV for a great price.

The Hitachi L46VN05U is a 46 inch full HD 1080p LCD TV. Argos have slashed £200 off this TV, and are selling it at £419.98. This TV has Freeview built in, excellent picture quality and good connectivity -which includes 4 HDMI sockets, 2 scart sockets, PC input socket, AV socket, USB and others.

If you want to impress, they have a package containing a Sony 46 inch Freeview HD 3D LED TV, 3D blu-ray and accessory pack for £1779.99 with free delivery. It comes with two pairs of Sony active shutter 3D glasses, 3D blu-ray player, 4 3D blu-ray movies and a table top stand. This TV is a great choice and looks stunning mounted on the wall or on a stand. You can upgrade from this to a Sony 55 inch TV for £500 extra.

The TVs mentioned here are not compatible with digital signals in the Republic of Ireland and a digital set top box is required.


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