Pick up a cheap Scanner at Argos

When you think of Argos, scanners isn't normally the first thing that comes to mind. Realistically, they do have their finger in just about everything so scanners shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Argos are known across the UK for great prices, quick service and a good product. When it comes to their computers and accessories there really is no difference. They have a huge range of budget to expensive scanners so let's see the best of what's on offer.

1. The expensive: The Epson Perfection V500 LED Photo Scanner is the best of the bunch as far as high-end scanning goes. This machine will scan photos, documents at photo realistic quality. This scanner is super-easy to use too so you will have no problem making incredible scans of just about everything. It starts at around £229 so it's not cheap but it is definitely amazing.

2. The Middle of the Road: The Epson Perfection V330 LED Photo Scanner is a great product that hits the £100 mark. This is really top quality considering the price. For most households you could never really need a higher quality scanner.

3. Budgetsville: Finally the Epson Perfection V33 LED Photo Scanner. This is the perfect budget scanner coming in under £70 you won't find a cheaper scanner at such quality. This is your basic package but it is still better than nearly all printer/scanner combo units. It still pumps out perfectly good quality scans so be sure to check this out.

Three of the best all available at Argos, hit up the website and see if you find something that tickles your fancy.

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