Argos notebooks; great quality, low cost.

Argos and notebooks go hand in hand, Argos sell, well, pretty much everything so why shouldn't they try their hand at selling notebooks?

For many people Argos is a trusted store that stocks all types of goods. People will buy stereo systems, jewellery and even sofas from Argos but there seems to be a mental block against buying notebooks.

Some people probably feel more comfortable buying from PC World or maybe Currys, but in truth Argos do a lot of the same brands for quite a bit less. They are definitely worth considering so to convince you, here are two great notebooks from that Argos are offering.

1. Sony Vaio EB: This is one of Argos' higher end laptops. Going for under £500 you can expect a 320GB hard drive, Intel Pentium dual core P6200.2.13GHz processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM and a HD graphics card to set the whole thing off.

This is a serious laptop for people that need the power. It is a great machine capable of HD graphics and audio so it's perfect for HD video and high quality audio playback. It also has enough juice under the hood to run pretty much any modern standard application. A great machine for a great price.

2. Acer D255: This is the opposite end of the spectrum. If you are looking for a great machine for web surfing and simple day to day tasks, this is the machine for you. Acer are well known for their high quality, low-cost machines and this is the perfect example.

With an Intel Atom N450 Processor running at 1.66GHz, 1GB DDR2 RAM and 250GB SATA hard drive, you are good to tackle just about any normal task a PC can handle. This is the perfect budget laptop for a light user.

Next time you are thinking about purchasing a notebook take a moment and see what Argos have to offer.

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