Find the best Argos sat navs

Satellite navigation has quickly become one of the most common features in a new car these days. It speaks volumes of the our generations lack of sense of bearing that we can't find our way around without the assistance of a computerised voice, but that's just the way our reliance on technology is going.

The beauty of satellite navigation or 'sat nav' for those in the know, is that it does away with poring over a map. Driving around areas you aren't familiar with is tough enough without needing to follow your position on a map sitting on the passenger seat. It's far more convenient just to follow the robotic instructions of your digital route planner.

When you're choosing a satellite navigation system for your car, there are several things that you're looking for in order to ensure that it's a good investment. The first is the age of the maps. Are they up to date or are they based on data from five years ago, and missing half the new motorways that have sprung up close by?

If they're a little on the old side, you'll want to make sure that they can be updated online. While some companies do offer free updates to their built in maps, the likelihood is that you're going to have to pay for this service. Ask the sales associate how much this is likely to cost. If they can't help you out, make note of the make and model of the device and check online for information when you get home.

It's best to avoid cheaper, no name brand satellite navigation systems due to their tendency to only inform you when you need to take a turn about 5 yards after passing it. This, coupled with location issues, should be enough to convince you that spending a little extra is the way to go.

And you won't even have to spend that much more. If you're familiar with Argos, sat navs are in plentiful supply both in store and online. You can pick up the excellent TomTom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 with UK and ROI maps for just £109.99, and the Garmin Nuvi 1440 with UK, ROI and Western European Maps for just £149.99!

Check out more at www.argos.co.uk.

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