Argos MyTablet rivals Hudl budget tablet from Tesco

High street retailer Argos launched a new budget Android tablet creatively named Argos MyTablet. The 7-inch device marks Argos’s maiden entry into the increasingly competitive market for low-price tablets. It went on sale for £99 on 16 October, effectively undercutting the price of rival Hudl budget tablet from Tesco by £20. Though low budget, MyTablet specs are anything but low.

MyTablet specs

Argos MyTablet features an impressive1.6GHz dual-core processor, 1024x600 resolution display and 8GB of internal memory that include MicroSD support for up to 32GB. In addition, the budget tablet from Argos runs on Google’s Android OS, using the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 update.

MyTablet also comes preloaded with free apps, including an ebook reader, iPlayer and facebook, not to mention pre-installed parent controls. If you thought this was a basic, cheap tablet, you might want to reconsider your stance.

"We know customers are asking for great quality tablets, so we've decided to launch this tablet specifically for the tween market place in the UK," Simon Barry, Argos Trading Manager said.

"We think this hits the sweet spot in terms of price and performance.

"Kids find it hard to share, so we've priced our tablet at a level that means everyone in the family can have one."

The MyTablet is aimed at that the “tweenie” market of eight to 13-year olds, but it isn’t the only budget Android tablet by a high street British retailer to target this market. Tesco launched its own slightly more expensive budget Android tablet called Hudl priced at £120.

For that extra £20, you get a bit more from the Hudl than the MyTable. The Hudl from Tesco features 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 16GB of in-built storage, which is twice that of the MyTablet. You also get a sharper display of 1,440x900 pixels with the Hudl.

Christmas 2013 sales projections

Although Argros will have its work cut out in convincing people to buy the MyTablet over the Christmas holidays, John Walden, managing director of Argos, is still optimistic about the sales prospects for the budget tablet in the face of rivals like the Hudl.

“Millions of people have bought tablets during the last year but there is still around 75 per cent of the UK population without one.”

“We know that tablets will feature heavily on Christmas lists this year.

"At just £99.99, the Argos MyTablet is highly competitive with a great specification, and fits neatly in the range of tablets we have on offer,” he said.

The MyTablet is available in pink or silver metal casing from over 700 stores around the UK and the Republic of Ireland and also at argos.co.uk via the Argos app.

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