We check out the latest Argos laptops sale

UK retail giant Argos are currently offering some huge savings on laptops of all shapes, makes and sizes for the bargain hunters among you. Whether you're in desperate need of an upgrade or just fancy a new toy to play with, the Argos laptops sale is bound to have something to suit you.

The days of spending four figures on laptops are certainly over! Major retailers are fighting tooth and nail to attract customers, and this usually means only one thing - bargains! Argos is no different, like everyone else they've been feeling the pinch and are doing everything they can to bring the customers flocking back in their droves.

As part of their latest customer acquisition and retention drive, they've slashed the prices on a number of laptops on their website at www.argos.co.uk so if you're fast you should be able to pick up a real bargain!

Laptop shopping requires advance knowledge of what you need and the budget you've set aside for it.

Next, it's time to go shopping. To inspire you, we've picked our favourites from the Argos site.

£349 gets you the super slick Samsung RV510 laptop featuring a 500 GB hard drive and 15.6" screen, a saving of £100 on a laptop that will handle almost everything thrown at it on a day-to-day basis.

If you're looking for something smaller, you can pick up the Acer D255 4Hour Netbook for a mere £199, down from £259, which is perfect for light internet use.

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