Argos have iphone 3gs covers for cheap!

Argos iPhone 3gs covers are in plentiful supply. Argos always hold lots of old stock because they know that people will always look for it at some point.

When it comes to iPhones and iPods this is especially true. They are so expensive to buy new that people often wait for a newer model, like the iPhone 4 to come along so the older models drop price.

This is actually the best way to buy Apple products because the changes are generally so small that you would hardly notice why the newer phone is £200 more. It could be a slightly better camera or a slightly better processor but most people will hold out for the price drop. It is this reason why iPhone 3gs covers are still so popular.

With the change in shape for the iPhone 4 the older shape covers are all but obsolete. Thankfully argos still have a huge supply for you to choose from. Just hit up their website and use the online catalogue.

From here you can basically browse the way you would at home with your normal catalogue. There are lots of different styles to select from so you are sure to find something to suit your taste. From soft to hard shell, pink to red they have something for everyone.

The iPhone 3gs cases start from around £10 and can go up to £50 for the higher end styles. You can even check if they have them in stock in your local Argos retailer, now that's a handy feature.

Hit up the Argos websie and suit up your 3gs today!


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