Our verdict on Argos cordless telephones

Let’s face it, we’re fast becoming a cordless society. From mobiles to kettles, the last thing we want is a cable dangling from our gadgets! And that goes for our landline telephones, too.

It’s so much easier to move around the home with a cordless phone – you can walk from room to room, go upstairs or even enjoy a back garden barbeque without having to miss a moment of your conversations. And just think, you would never again have to run to answer the phone!

But contrary to what many people might believe, investing in wireless gadgets doesn’t have to be expensive. Argos cordless telephones start at £13.49 for the I2000 DECT model in white.

For a value range phone, it’s big on features, including the capacity for up to 10 hours of talk time and around 100 hours on standby.

It holds 20 names and numbers on memory, retains a 10 number call log and can redial the five last numbers dialled.

With an impressive 300 metre range, all areas of your home should be well and truly covered, including the garden and garage or outbuildings.

The I2000 has a choice of five ringtones, a clock, an alarm and a handy call timer which is ideal to help keep track of your phone bill.

And with large black buttons, an easy to read LCD with caller display capability and a secrecy/ mute button, it’s ideal for users of all ages.

This great value phone is also available from Argos in a twin pack for £23.99.

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