Are you unsure of which USB memory card to get?

The Net is an incredible source of information, and if you're at all unsure of which USB memory card you should buy then the first site you should hit is Google. Users post reviews on new products on a continual basis, and if someone has had a bad experience you can be sure he or she will let other online consumers know.

One site that really makes use of this feature is Amazon.co.uk. This site sells everything under the sun, even USB memory cards.  Most items sold on the site already have user feedback, and you can see an average star rating as well. This is the easiest way to see which card will suit your purpose. Even if you use this site just for the review aspect, it's still well worth a visit.

What you'll be using the flash drive for is also important, and with sizes ranging from a tiny 1GB, to 128GB (and up) you're able to store or backup just about anything from your hard drive. The urge to buy a bigger drive may be strong at first, but if you plan to back up documents or very small applications you could get away with purchasing a 1GB drive. A USB memory card with 128GB of memory, for instance,will allow you to backup things like computer games, movie collections and other applications that require a lot of space. A bigger USB memory card could be a good option if you want to backup a lot of the data from your hard drive.

If you're after a real bargain, you should also visit ebay.co.uk. So try checking Amazon for affordable drives with good feedback, and then head on over to Ebay to see if sellers on the site can beat the listed prices elsewhere. This means you'll get a flash drive that performs well but won't cost you the earth.

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