Are you suffering from Wiiitis?

Wiiitis (pronounced Wee-eye-tis) is one of the latest ailments that has recently been mentioned in the New England Journal of Medicine...you may be suffering from it yourself, if you have sudden and intense pain in the shoulders or one of the extremities. The description the medical journal outlines the condition thus:

"A healthy 29-year-old medical resident awoke one Sunday morning with intense pain in the right shoulder. He did not recall any recent injuries or trauma and had not participated in any sports or physical exercise recently. He consulted a rheumatology colleague. The Patte's test was positive, consistent with acute tendonitis isolated to the right infraspinatus. After further review of his activities during the previous 24 hours, the patient recalled that he had bought a new Nintendo Wii...."

If you don't believe me, take a look at the report here.

WebTwitcher will be watching out for iPhoneictus (pain in the thumb from excessive rotation), Twitterrhea (sprained fingers due to inability to stop Twittering) and Facebookitus (suffering acute exhaustion through continued, unbroken use of the social networking site) appearing in the very near future.

If you want more details of Wiiitis, take a look at the full story on the Times Online.


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