Are you searching for cheap USB memory?

Cheap USB memory is a great way to enhance your PC's data storing capabilities, or even to move data around from one computer to the other. Do you want to share certain applications with friends, or do you want to back up drives and other important documents for that rainy day when your hard drive crashes? Then it's time you looked for affordable USB memory. Let's look at some of the sites that cater for UK-based customers?

Our first stop on the search for cheap USB memory is a site called play.com. Don't let the .com domain fool you, because Play delivers to the UK and Europe only. A quick search on the site for USB flash drives reveals a massive number of listings, and there's even a custom play.com memory drive. A drive with 8GB capacity sells here for only £5.99, and that's a saving of £4.00 on the recommended retail price. If you want an even better deal, try free shipping. Everything you buy at play.com is delivered free of charge to UK customers!

mymemory.co.uk is another site that specialises in USB memory sticks and if you're looking to save money, this site makes it easy.  You're not only able to select drives according to the brand or manufacturer, but also according to capacity, and price. A search for 8GB drives reveals an astounding 88 results! The most affordable drives on the site are manufactured by Kingston and Integral. A blue Kingston data traveller flash drive sells here for £5.97, and the Integral Evo USB flash drive sells for the same price. Worldwide delivery comes at a ridiculously low £1.95, so this just adds to your savings overall.

With this much choice and variety right at your fingertips, finding cheap USB memory is now easier than ever before. Head on over and indulge a little, at these prices you can afford to!

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