Are you overpaying for your mobile?

How much do you pay per month for your mobile? £20? £25? £30? More?

How many free minutes and texts do you get for that?

Now here's a question: how many free texts and minutes do you actually use? If it's a lot less than your allowance, ding! You're overpaying for your mobile contract.

After all, 'free' minutes and texts aren't really free. They're bought with your monthly fee. If you're buying too many minutes you're wasting money. And according to a new study, millions of us are indeed wasting money: lots of it. An average of £195 each!

Of course, this isn't necessarily money wasted: some people deliberately get an expensive contract to get a nifty free phone. But it's not just people buying too many minutes: a quarter of us are buying too few, and paying extra in charged calls, the report also shows.

So do yourself a favour: have a look at your last phone bill and actually see how many minutes and texts you're using. Then think about changing down to a different tarriff if you're buying too many.

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