Are you looking for Nintendo Wiis for sale at unbeatable prices?

Are you looking for Nintendo Wiis for sale at ridiculously low prices? Then look no further! This one of a kind gaming machine has taken the world by surprise and everyone from the age of 5 to 105 has become addicted! The device has broken world records at being the fastest selling machine ever. With extras like Wii Fit and Mario it's no wonder why!

It uses a wireless controller and a wireless remote which detects movement in 3D. The Wii can be connected to the internet via WiFi as well and you can store all your music, movies and photos on the hard drive - it's more than just a games machine.

There are plenty of great deals available on Argos.co.uk at the moment. You can get the new stylish black Nintendo Wii with Wii sports, Wii motion plus remote and a nun-chuck controller. The sports package includes 18 games to keep you entertained for hours! Log on today and you can save £50 and own this great bundle for just £129.99! Use their catalogue code 931/3217 when you log onto the website!

If you fancy paying slightly more for a better bundle, you need to log onto Dixons.co.uk and take advantage of the black Wii console with Wii Fit Plus, balance board and motion controller pack. The Wii fit provides an excellent personalised workout based on your BMI and provides years of entertainment. You can even set your own targets and ties for losing weight and the Wii Fit device will help you achieve your goal. This bundle can be yours for just £184.49 with free delivery to anywhere in The UK!

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