Are you looking for clock antiques?

There are a number of clock antique enthusiasts online, and some of them run sites where they restore antique clock radios and bring them back to life, while others modify them somewhat and offer them for sale as designer items. Let's have a closer look at two of these sites?

The first is a site entitled Dave's classic and antique radios and you can use this URL to head there directly: http://aligator222.tripod.com/radio/radio.html. This site features before and after pictures of all the clock antiques he's restored, and the transformations are absolutely unbelievable. The section showing a 1958 general electric clock radio may be of particular interest, especially if you're searching for information on antique clock radios.

gameroomantiques.com is our next stop and this site has a section that is dedicated entirely to old style radios. You can use this url to go there: http://www.gameroomantiques.com/Aa850.htm. The first item that may catch your eye if you're looking for clock antiques is the clock radio/cd player with dual alarms. What makes the items here different is that they are antiques that have been jazzed up with modern technology. This item resembles a 1950's car radio, but has both AM and FM radio, a CD player that is fully programmable, and dual alarms that can be set independently of one another. This little number also has dynamic stereo speakers. A digital alarm clock is also included so you have almost anything you'd need all wrapped up in this attractive and antique-looking little package!

It's amazing to see how antiques enthusiasts put their own spin on these items. Some strive to restore and preserve these items while others revamp them and turn antiques into something that can be considered modern and fashionable again. Whatever approach you prefer, the Net caters for it so head on over and browse around.

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