Are you actively participating in web two, oh

Research just out by Hitwise has indicated that although the number of people visiting web 2.0 inspired sites (think YouTube, Flickr etc) we're really a bunch of couch surfing voyeurs who are around to spy on what others are doing, rather than actively participating.

The data collected by Bill Tancer (analyst at Hitwise) showed that just 0.16 percent of visits to YouTube are from those creative people uploading their homegrown videos for the rest of the us to see. Which leaves a whole lot of us hanging around for the spectacle alone.

The research also identified the grand total sum of only "two-tenths of one percent" of visitors to Flickr that were actually uploading photos.

So what to conclude from these findings?

That for the most part we just want spoon feeding content from those who actively participate? Possible (there's nothing like sitting back to watch with glee as your local hoodies remake Mary Poppins). That the average web user doesn't automatically know how to use a new service intuitively? Also possible (if it's difficult to learn, people won't bother).

Lack of broadband used to be an issue, but as reported earlier this month, Ofcom's recent stats indicate around half of us have it now. So perhaps this is becoming less of an issue.

Excite MIX is one of the web 2.0 services that is easy to use. If you've not tried it already, it's a customisable homepage. You just add the RSS feeds from all your favourite sites on to your page and voila. Get everything at a glance without surfing round like a whirling dervish every morning to get the latest news. You can even put your email inboxes on there and kill many birds with just one boulder. Or something like that.

Hitwise has a very interesting RSS feed made up of their analysts blogs, which you can add to your MIX page if you want to track their latest research. Get the feed below.


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