Are these the iPhone 5's insides?

Another day, another purported iPhone 5 leak. But these latest photographs are different to the various leaked photos of cases and the like we've seen recently. Instead of just giving us clues as to the way the iPhone 5 will look, they give us a glimpse of the inside.

At least, they do if they're real, which may or may not be the case. But really, why let scepticism get in the way of a little speculation? Let's see what these pics claim to tell us.

Well, this one's no surprise: an A5 processor. That follows on the now-established trend of Apple introducing a new processor with the iPad in Spring, then adding it to the iPhone later in the year. That means it'll be lovely and powerful. The LCD screen appears to stretch right the way across the device, with no bezel, which is also in line with longstanding rumour.

Most interestingly, perhaps, the iPhone 5 apparently has a larger battery than the iPad 2 - 4.2V, 1430mAh, which is tech-speak for 'a lot.' That suggests a larger screen, which would require a bigger battery to provide a decent lifespan.

All in all, it seems this leak mostly confirms what we suspected. Which on the one hand, makes it more likely to be real; but in a way, also makes it more likely to be a fake, as if you were going to do a fake you'd make it realistic. Basically, we're none the wiser; sigh. We wish they'd hurry up and launch the damn thing already.

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