Are there any Lexmark ink cartridges cheap alternatives?

Lexmark ink cartridges cheap alternatives.

After buying a printer you will find yourself having to refill the ink at some time in the future. Although Lexmark produces cheap printers their inks are about the same price as any other printer firm, usually around £15 a cartridge.

There are many alternatives such as generic cartridges or self fill kits, these offer solutions, in the case of the self refill kits, its a solution that will allow you to replace the ink more then once for the same, or a similar price as the cartridges themselves would of cost someone.


There are a lot of kits that range in price depending on if you need colour or black refills. It is also important to check that the refills are compatible with your printer. Compatible Lexmark ink cartridges are cheap, and they are available from places such as Best-Price.com where they have suppliers with black inks from £4, and colour inks from £8.

If your are unsure of refilling the inks yourself then you can go to places such as Cartridge World which will refill the cartridges for you, the site doesn't have prices on it, but it does have contact information for all stores and a store locator so you can find your local store.

Generic Cartridges

Rather then buying the Branded cartridges a lot of people buy generic compatible cartridges, they last just as long as the branded products and are as widely available.

Sites such as Amazon offer a series of different generic cartridges and they vary in price depending on the printer and the amount of cartridges they have a pack on the site that consists of 4 cartridges compatible with all Lexmark printers and costs £20.

Other sites have similar offers and it is worth searching through a few of the options to get the best deal for your money.

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