Are friends Electric?

Anyone who has ever owned a car knows that they are a terrible waste of money, with parts that continually break and astronomical costs to fix them. Not only that, you’re all weighed down by the guilt of killing the planet every time you set foot out of the house, disturbed by the knowledge that you’re leaving nothing but a terrifying mess of a world for your children. You monsters.

However, that could all change soon, with the development of a truly useful electric car. In Germany an Audi A2, which was fitted with an experimental electrical power plant in a government-sponsored project with DMB Energy and Lekker Energy, completed a world record 372 mile (600 km) trip from Munich to Berlin on only a single charge, and took around seven hours. The bad news is that’s an average speed of only 53.1 mph, although that does include a little scoot around Berlin for a laugh once it arrived.

The battery uses DBM Energy's KOLIBRI AlphaPolymer Technology and is said to be 97 per cent efficient, as well as chargeable from virtually any socket – just six minutes in a high voltage DC socket and you’re ready to travel cross country. The battery’s inventor Mirko Hannemann said that it will be cheaper than conventional lithium ion batteries, and reckons that they’re ready for mass production now, so you too might be able to get your hands on an eco-friendly car sooner than you think.

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