Are Apples green?

Our modern-day preoccupation with living a virtuous, carbon foot-print free existence has now seeped into our use of technology, and more importantly, technology that we use every day and which governs our lives to some extent. Upon issuing 'eco-ratings' for handsets that it sells, O2 has reopened this heated debate and potentially alienated a invaluable customer, Apple.

The new ratings evaluate all aspects of a mobile phone's design, manufacture and use, e.g., 'the corporate responsibility of the manufacturing company; the manufacturing processes used; the phone's materials; the packaging and distribution cost of the phone', as well as whether it promotes and enables its user to live a green life by reducing car travel and the need to use other devices, for example, the Metro Online reveals.

The phone rated the best in O2's self-created standards was the Sony Ericsson Elm, while the worst is the aptly named LG Etna, scoring a measley 2.7.

'The last thing we wanted was to say was 'smartphones are bad, and the cheapest phones are good,' a representative from Forum For The Future, the company behind the ratings, stated. Apple, however, has said that it prefers to use descriptions of its own environmental policies for user information purposes. Ouch.

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