Are 3D printers worth it?

For most of us 3D printers are probably seen as something for industry use but that was most people’s thought when the PC was introduced and each home has multiple examples of devices that use technology now. When will 3D printers be worth buying for home use?


How expensive are 3D printers

When they were first introduced 3D printers cost thousands. Although they’ve come down in price a lot, they’re still very expensive. You can buy one at Amazon for around $500 but we’re not sure what sort of quality you can expect from a 3D printer at that end of the market. If you buy from a brand known in the market place, for example a company like MakerBot, you’ll need something like $1,500 for a decent machine.

How affordable is that?

Well, the question of affordability really is a personal one. One person’s idea of a good deal is another person’s notion of a rip off so we can’t really say whether 3D printers are now at a stage when most households can afford them. Even for those who can, there’s the question of whether they’re worth investing in just yet.


Most firms use 3D printers to produce prototypes in a quick manner. Therefore you’ll need a clear business application for the device before investing your cash in one. Do you need something like this or would it just be a toy? If you’re thinking of it as an interesting device to toy with, think again. We’re not sure that the complications you could face with owning a 3D printer will make it worthwhile if you’re not making some profit from it directly or indirectly.


We can’t discourage or encourage the purchase of one of these things just yet which means you’ll need to consider whether you’ll get the use from a 3D printer that all the money and hassle associated with owning one will cost you.

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