Don't but that iPod just yet, Archos mp3 players are the business!

Archos mp3 players have been around for a while but have only really started to shine in recent times. They have a fantastic new line of mp3/mp4 players that are well worth looking into. It doesn't have to be Apple to be a good product you know!

Archos have made some seriously stylish players with slick looks and great functionality. Their screens are crystal clear with perfect picture for excellent video playback. All of these features really make Archos a proper competitor when it comes to portable sound and video. If you are looking for the best that Archos has to offer, the ARCHOS 43 vision is what you seek!

It has a super sharp 4.3 inch screen with high contrast and eye popping colour. It can hold up to 8GB of music, picture or videos and has roughly 30 hours of battery to power the whole thing.

This is the ultimate in modern design with a super slim 10 mm body and it weighs only 280 grams. It has a polished finish so it's always looking classy and the GUI is easy to use and looks the business.

They also do a huge range of mp3 players and a great in-between model if the 43 Vision is a little steep. Either way, all options are covered.

Archos make some seriously mean mp3 players so be sure to check them out before going for the obvious. With incredible sound and vision, all at a highly competitive price, you will find it hard to not be won over by Archos mp3 players.

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